Character Creation

Starting Level: 3
Point Buy: 32
Races: up to +1 Level adjust creatures, with DM approval.
Starting Gold: 2,700. Up to 2 magic items, no special materials

Psionic classes can only be taken by Psionic Races.
All Dragon Magazine material requires DM approval.
All WOTC web enhancements are available.
UA variant Paladins allowed.
Level adjust buy off allowed.
No Tome of Magic, Incarnum, or BoED (some feats may be available with Dm approval)
No asian themed classes

Race Changes
Githyanki: No PR, +2 Dex or Con, -2 Wis. all psi-like abilities 3/day total, 0 level adjust
Githzerai: No PR, +2 Dex or +2 wis, -2 Int. 0 level adjust

Tier 1 Takes Non-lethal damage for every spell level cast (Including spell completion & trigger items) + tainted
Tier 2 becomes tainted when half or more of total spell levels are depleted.
Tier 3 has no changes
Tier 4 can gestalt with any NPC class
Tier 5 can gestalt with any other tier 5 or NPC class
When gestalting, choose 2 classes at first level, these are the only 2 classes you can gestalt with, treat all other multiclassing normally with no xp penalties.

1 flaw is allowed. List of Flaws
Dark Elf Marred is a new flaw to be added to the list (do not choose a feat if you take this flaw)

Character Creation

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