Rules Changes

General changes

  • There is no Magic/Psionic Transparency. Only exception is the Use Psionic Device skill is not needed and is covered under Use Magic Device.
  • No Massive Damage Saves
  • If you don’t have a recovery method, You can spend a standard action to recover all maneuvers

Feat changes

  • Power Attack does not multiply on a crit
  • Divine Metamagic does not allow you to “modify” spells higher than the Highest Spell level you know
  • Item creation feats don’t use up xp, but only reduce the cost by 25% instead of 50%

Class changes:

  • Sorcerer gets a bonus Heritage feat at 1st and 5th level
  • Favored Soul gets 1 Domain at 1st level
  • Hex blade’s Curse changed from daily to encounter
  • Paladin’s Smite changed from daily to encounter
  • Fighter gets full Initiator level when taking Martial study/stance
  • Ranger can substitute their combat style with the Martial Study and Martial Stance feats at full Initiator level.
  • Healer adds any spell with the (Healing) descriptor to her spells known, and spontaneously casts any cure spell.
  • Soulknife gains multiple throw at 5th level instead of 17th, and Hidden Talent(XPH67) instead of Wild Talent.

Rules Changes

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